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Strip For 122612
ID: 12320
Publication Date: 2012-12-26
First Published On (if retro): 1983-12-27
Collection Book: Just One More Hug (Signed Copies)
Other Books: N/A  
Treasuries: Making Ends Meet (Signed Copies)
Description: Lawrence, Janice, and Gordon are playing with Michael's new toys. Elizabeth keeps trying to play with them. Michael complains and Elly removes Elizabeth. The group spot her new toys and play with her so she complains that Michael won't leave them alone.
Caption: Maaaaa! We're doin' stuff - an' Michael won't leave us alone!
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Lynn's Notes: Wherever Aaron was playing, Katie wanted to be, too. With their big difference in ages, she was considered a pest. The boys would holler for assistance and I'd rescue them from the fumbling hands of a little kid. I would then have to find something special for Katie to do so she wouldn't feel left out. I often wondered if her gravitation to the boys' bombs and light sabres wasn't a neat ploy to get 100% of Mom's attention!