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Strip For 092113
ID: 12597
Publication Date: 2013-09-21
First Published On (if retro): 1984-09-22
Collection Book: The Last Straw (Signed Copies)
Other Books: N/A  
Treasuries: Making Ends Meet (Signed Copies)
Description: Elly is finding it very difficult being a working mother. She has two jobs and she works like crazy at them both. John suggests if she's so stressed out why doesn't she quit the job. Elly, angrily asks him which one should she consider quitting.
Caption: If it's too much for you, Elly... why don't you quit the job? Which one?
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Lynn's Notes: I have always needed a career. I needed to express myself creatively. I needed to earn my own living, and I needed the companionship of other adults. Even though I felt guilty for putting Aaron in daycare, I was a better parent because I was working. I was also able to pay the bills! The alternative at the time was to go on welfare, and I wanted so badly to avoid this.